Schwörm Agar


Schwörm Agar for Salmonella H-phase Detection

A Salmonella bacterium expresses normally only one H antigen at a time and in the Salmonella culture usually only one of the H phases are dominating. This dominating phase is called the first phase and can be determined from the Schwörm agar culture.

The second phase is determined by adding phase inversion antisera against the identified first phase to the Schwörm agar, this allows the bacteria to express the second H phase antigen and swarm.

Product range

Article number Product Volume (ml) Packing
1038 Schwörm Agar 20 ml 18 vials/box
82491 Schwörm Agar 60 ml 1 bottle
29565 Schwörm Agar 200 ml 1 bottle



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