Animal blood products

Animal blood products

Animal blood products

SSI Diagnostica offers blood products from its own herd of cattle, sheep and horses.

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Animal blood products

SSI Diagnostica produces blood and serum from its own herd of horses, cattle, rabbits, and sheep. The products are used e.g. for production of culture media at SSI Diagnostica. 

Clinical Relevance

Blood and serum are widely used as supplement in culture media and laboratory reagents. Both contain important growth factors and play an important role in identification and differentiation between bacteria of clinical relevance to humans and animals.


SSI Diagnostica produces and sells blood and serum from its own herd of healthy non medicated horses, cattle, and sheep which supply SSI Diagnostica with blood for the production of culture media.


SSI Diagnostica is able to provide blood and serum from various animal species. The blood is stabilized by defibrination or by adding anticoagulants.


Donor animal bleeding is licensed in accordance with the legislation concerning animal experimentation and the quality system for production of animal blood products is certified according to ISO 13485.
Health status and welfare of the animals are supervised by SSI Diagnostica's veterinarian. 
Blood from horses, cattle and sheep for microbiological purposes is collected and treated according to aseptic principles. Each lot of donor blood is tested in accordance with standard operating procedure to ensure no microbiological contaminants before release for sale.


For further information or ordering of blood from horses, cattle, sheep or rabbits, please contact or phone: +45 4829 9100.