Pneumococcus antisera

ImmuLex S. pneumoniae Omni

ImmuLex S. pneumoniae Omni

ImmuLexTM S. pneumoniae Omni is a rapid latex test for detection of all pneumococci. After 10 seconds a positive reaction will appear.

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Omni antiserum

Omni antiserum for use when performing Neufeld tests. Including 91 pneumococci serotypes.

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Neufeld antisera

Pool antisera for use in performing Neufeld reactions.

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Latex Antisera

ImmuLexTM pool antisera are latex products for agglutination serotyping.

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CWPS Antiserum

CWPS antiserum for slide agglutination.

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Pneumotest kit

Pneumotest Kit containing 12 pool antisera for Neufeld testing.

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Latex kits

SSI Diagnostica offers a range of Pneumococcus latex kits for serotyping based on agglutination.

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Pneumococcus antisera

SSI Diagnostica offers a wide range of pneumococcus antisera

Clinical relevance

Serotyping of pneumococci is used for surveillance of serotype distribution in connection with pneumococcal vaccination of both children and adults. Following the introduction of the various vaccines, an increased incidence of serotypes which were not previously so dominant has been observed.


Pneumococcal antisera from SSI Diagnostica are intended for in vitrodiagnostic testing in clinical microbiological laboratories, in reference laboratories, and in the pharmaceuticals industry for the quality control of vaccines. All antisera are polyclonal and produced by immunising rabbits with well-defined reference strains. The specific pool, group and type antisera are absorbed free of cross-reactions. Factor antisera are absorbed free of cross-reactions within the group. 


Thanks to our many years of experience producing and serotyping pneumococci, we are able to offer reliable advice and serotyping. 


SSI Diagnostica's antisera are high quality, CE-marked and produced in accordance with DS/EN ISO 13485 and DS/ISO 9001. The shelf life is 4 years from the date of production, and a minimum of 2 years from delivery. 


If you have Streptococcus pneumoniae strains that require serotypin, please contact us at

Technical: Enquiries concerning the use of SSI Diagnostica products should be directed to SSI Diagnostica,, fax +45 4829 9179 or tel.: +45 4829 9178.

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