Salmonella antisera

Fast and reliable results with SSI Diagnostica Antisera

SSI Diagnostica has more than 75 years of experience with research and production of Salmonella antisera, and we offer a range of products with strong portfolio breadth and depth to facilitate accurate identification as specified by the Kaufmann-White Scheme.
Salmonella is often linked with food safety issues, and it is the leading cause of food poisoning. In compromised patients it can even lead to death. Therefore, it is important to get fast and reliable results.

View our videos on how to perform Slide agglutination and Phase Inversion below.

Slide Agglutination:

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Phase Inversion:

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Salmonella O and Vi antisera

Salmonella O and Vi antisera

Poly and Vi Salmonella antisera for serological confirmation by slide agglutination.

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Salmonella H antisera

Salmonella H antisera

Salmonella H antiserum for agglutination. Reaction can be read within 10 seconds.

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Are you compliant with ISO 6579-3?<br><i>Salmonella</i> Big Five Kit</br>

Are you compliant with ISO 6579-3?
Salmonella Big Five Kit

SSI Diagnostica has composed a kit which contains all Salmonella antisera needed to serotype Salmonella according to ISO/TR 6579-3 guideline on "Microbiology of food and animal feed - Horizontal method for the detection, enumeration and serotyping of Salmonella".

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Salmonella Sero-quick ID kit

Salmonella Sero-quick ID Kit for complete serotyping of Salmonella Enteritidis and Salmonella Typhimurium.

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Salmonella Sero-quick group kit

The Salmonella Sero-Quick Group kit identifies Salmonella isolates to serogroup level.

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Salmonella antisera

SSI Diagnostica offers an extensive product range of Salmonella antisera.

Clinical relevance

The intestinal bacterium Salmonella enterica subsp. enterica is one of the most common causes of food poisoning. The increased incidence of Salmonella infections in recent years has intensified the need for serotyping, which is an important tool for diagnostics and for the monitoring and control of food products.


The Kauffmann–White scheme describes the antigen composition of more than 2,500 identified Salmonella enterica serotypes and is an invaluable tool in Salmonella typing work. Full serotyping of Salmonella involves the use of antibodies against somatic O, capsular Vi, and phase 1 and 2 flagellar H antigens. Today, SSI Diagnostica produces more than 200 different Salmonella antisera, which makes it possible to type more than 99% of all Salmonella serotypes. With the exception of antiserum Vi, all of our sera are polyclonal, produced by immunising rabbits. All polyclonal antisera are produced in accordance with "Guidelines for the preparation of Salmonella antisera" (ref.: WHO Collaborating Centre for Reference and Research on Salmonella, Institut Pasteur, France).
Antiserum Vi is a monoclonal antiserum produced by culturing hybridoma cell lines in vitro and then concentrating the antibody from the culture supernatant. With the exception of the products Poly A-E+Vi, Poly A-I+Vi, Poly A-S+Vi, Poly 42-67 and Poly H, all Salmonella antisera are specific, achieved by testing with a large selection of strains and absorption of any known cross-reactions. Salmonella antisera from SSI Diagnostica are intended for either slide agglutination or H phase inversion on swarm agar plates.

Some O antisera cross-react with antigens from other bacteria, e.g. CitrobacterProteus and Shigella, as the O antigens from these species can be very similar to antigens in Salmonella. Before serotyping, it is therefore important that identification of Salmonella is confirmed, e.g. by means of biochemical reactions.


SSI Diagnostica's antisera are high quality, CE-marked and produced in accordance with DS/EN ISO 13485. The shelf life is 4 years from the date of production, and a minimum of 2 years from the delivery date. Sodium azide 0.09% is added to all Salmonella sera as a preservative.


Technical: Please send enquiries concerning use of our products to SSI Diagnostica,, tel.: +45 4829 9100.

Links to brochures, catalogues and package leaflets for the products can be found under the respective product descriptions.

Product range

SSI Diagnostica's Salmonella antisera can identify O and H antigens and the capsular antigen Vi. Our Salmonella antisera are grouped as follows:

Sera Use
O poly antisera   Verification of genus (Salmonella enterica)  
O group pool antisera   For multi-group screening  
O group antisera   To determine O group  
O factor antisera   To determine O factor  
H poly antisera   Verification of genus (Salmonella enterica)   
H phase pool antisera   For multiphase screening  
H phase antisera   To determine H phase 
H factor antisera   To determine H factor  
H:R-phase antisera   To determine R phases  
H phase inversions antisera   For phase inversion in swarm agar plates  
Vi antiserum   To investigate the presence of Vi capsular antigen

SSI Diagnostica also sells a Salmonella group kit and a Salmonella ID kit to determine, respectively, the most common Salmonella groups and identify the two most commonly occurring Salmonella serotypes, S. Enteritidis and S.Typhimurium. In addition we offer the option to combine antisera for identification of other Salmonella serotypes.

It is also possible to buy a limited range of Salmonella strains.