Shigella antisera

<i>S. dysenteriae</i> antisera

S. dysenteriae antisera

Shigella dysenteriae antisera for serotyping.

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<i>S. flexneri</i> pool antisera

S. flexneri pool antisera

Shigella flexneri pool antisera for serotyping.

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<i>S. boydii</i> pool antiserum

S. boydii pool antiserum

Shigella boydiiantisera for serotyping.

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<i>S. sonnei</i> pool antisera

S. sonnei pool antisera

Shigella sonneipool antisera for serotyping.

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<i>S. sonnei</i> fase antisera

S. sonnei fase antisera

Shigella sonneiphase antisera.

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Shigella antisera

SSI Diagnostica offers a wide range of Shigella antisera.

Clinical relevance

Shigella infections (shigellosis) can cause both bloody diarrhoea (dysentery) and non-bloody diarrhoea. There are four species of ShigellaS. dysenteriae (15 serotypes), S. flexneri (8 serotypes, with serotypes 1-5 subdivided into 10 sub-serotypes), S. boydii (19 serotypes) and S. sonnei (1 serotype, but this has two phases).
The serological identification of Shigella species is important both clinically and epidemiologically. S. flexneri and S. boydii are often biochemically identical, and can therefore be differentiated only using serological tests. In developed countries, S. sonnei and S. flexneri are the most prevalent serotypes, while in developing countries, S. dysenteriae (particularly serotype 1) is the most prevalent.


Shigella antiserum from SSI Diagnostica is intended for in vitro diagnostic testing in clinical microbiological laboratories and reference laboratories.
Antisera against S. flexneriS. boydii and S. dysenteriae are polyclonal O antibodies produced by immunising rabbits with a well-defined reference strain. Antisera are then absorbed for any cross-reactions. S. sonnei consists of monoclonal O antibodies.
The products are supplied in bottles with 3 mL ready-to-use serum, which is enough for 150 tests.


SSI Diagnostica's antisera are high quality, CE-marked and produced in accordance with DS/EN ISO 13485. The shelf life is 4 years from the date of production, and a minimum of two years from the date of receipt.


Technical: please direct inquiries concerning use of our products to SSI Diagnostica,, tel. +45 4829 9100.

Links to brochures, catalogues and package leaflets for the products can be found under the respective product descriptions.