we work towards achieving a shared goal

SSI Diagnostica is a private company, which is based on a solid professional foundation by virtue of it previously being part of the Danish Statens Serum Institut. Our desire is to retain the best of both worlds and thus create a workplace where all employees are committed to working towards achieving our shared goal of improving microbiological diagnostics for the benefit of patients, customers and communities.

As a SSI Diagnostica employee, you may greatly influence your everyday life, and our flat organisational structure enables you to always consult management. We try to create a dynamic working environment that enables employees to develop both professionally and personally.

In all we do, we strive to ensure a clear correlation between the company's strategy and the contributions of the individual departments and employees. At two annual performance reviews, carried out by the respective managers and their employees, we follow up on this correlation between the needs of the company and those of the employees. We therefore also make a virtue of constantly updating our employees on the significant and strategic activities of the company. We do this at monthly staff meetings and at meetings in the individual departments where we follow up and where ideas for improvements often arise and are discussed.

We offer a wide range of employee benefits, including: flexible working hours, access to a great canteen and a professionally designed gym as well as many social activities.