QMAC dRASTTM - simplify your ast workflow

The QMAC dRAST™ is an innovative AST platform that provides highly accurate and actionable results directly from positive blood cultures in just 4-6 hours.

Antimicrobial resistance is a global threat. In the microbiology lab, you need a rapid and accurate AST platform that reports optimal antibiotics with MIC.  

QuantaMatrix brings innovative solutions in rapid AST testing for laboratories and clinicians. The system will simplify the way you work. It offers a new opportunity for sepsis diagnosis in your lab - simply load and walk away.

  • Fast – Optimal antibiotics with MIC after 6 hours from positive blood cultures
  • Direct – No sub-culture, no McFarland
  • Fully automated – Minimal hands-on time
  • High capacity (up to 12 samples/run)
  • Rapid ID compatible (e.g. molecular, MALDI)
  • LIS - Reliable and efficient integration

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SSI Diagnostica has many years of experience in the production of ready-made media to all kinds of laboratories including animal blood products from our own horses, cattle, rabbits and sheep.

We have modern production facilities for the production of all kinds of culture media and reagents. The production is ISO 13485 certified.

Our agar plates are sealed in a special foil which ensures that they do not dry out.

In order to see the Culture Media and Reagents we offer, please go to our webshop.

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Culture Media and Reagents

If you have specific wishes and needs we are always ready to help. Contact us at info@ssidiagnostica.com.

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Ready-media from
eo laboratories

In addition to our own production of culture media we also offer ready-made media including irradiated media from the following external manufactures:


If you have questions regarding our products in clinical microbiology,
please contact Marianne Munk-Larsen at mml@ssidiagnostica.com