Flexicult® Vet Urinary Test



Flexicult® Vet is a culture test designed for diagnosing urinary tract infections (UTI) in dogs and cats.Flexicult<SUP>®</SUP> Vet Urinary Test

Product description

Flexicult® Vet is a 24 hour culture test designed for diagnosing urinary tract infections (UTI) in dogs and cats by:

  • identification and quantitative enumeration of bacteria in the urine
  • predicts the susceptibility of the bacteria against 5 antibiotics

Flexicult® Vet is designed as an agar plate with elevated sides and divided into compartments with partitions and a lid. There is one large compartment for quantitative analysis
and 5 small compartments each containing a specific antibiotic: Ampicillin, Amoxicillin/Clavulanate, Cephalotin, Cephalotin and Trimethoprim/sulfamethoxazole.


  1. The urinary sample is poured briefly (3 - 5 sec.) over the agar. If the urine sample does not cover the total agar surface in all compartments the plate is tilted so that urine from the large counting compartment floods the small compartments containing antibiotics.
  2. The remaining urine is poured off so that urine having been in contact with the small antibiotic compartments don’t come in contact with the counting compartment. Let any excess of urine drip from the plate – ex. by tapping it against the waste container.
  3. Apply the lid and incubate Flexicult® Vet with the bottom facing upwards at 35°C in 18-24 hours.
  4. The plate is read the next day.
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Reading Flexicult® Vet

After incubation over night (18-24 hours) the agar plate is examined for growth of bacteria. The more bacteria in the urine sample, the more bacteria will grow in the counting compartment. A comparison of the colony density in the counting compartment with the examples below with E. coli gives an indication of the number of bacteria in the urine sample (CFU/mL urine).

Bacteria will not appear in the antibiotic compartments in which they are susceptible to the relevant antibiotic.



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