ImmuView® L. pneumophila and L. longbeachae Antigen Test


Product Description

ImmuView® L. pneumophila and L. longbeachae Urinary Antigen Test makes it possible to readily detect Legionella antigens in patients with presumed Legionella infection (Legionnaire’s disease) and thereby allows clinicians to initiate the correct antibiotic treatment to improve the outcome for the patient.

Legionella infections cause costly hospital and ICU admissions, and it is difficult to clinically distinguish between the Legionnaire’s disease and other respiratory infections. Due to different treatment of the diseases an early diagnosis and appropriate treatment is vital. 

L. longbeachae is an emerging infection and the second most common Legionella species causing human infection1,2,3,4. ImmuView® L. pneumophila and L. longbeachae Urinary Antigen Test is the first of its kind to provide diagnostics for both L. pneumophila and L. longbeachae in one test.



Improve your diagnostics with ImmuView® L. pneumophila and L. longbeachae Urinary Antigen Test and benefit from several factors:
• Rapid and simple detection of Legionella
• Initiate the correct antibiotic treatment to improve patient outcome
• Higher sensitivity and specificity
• Broader detection of L. pneumophila serogroup 1 and non-serogroup 1
• Collecting urine is non-invasive and easy
• Testing for L. pneumophila is recommended in guidelines in several countries5,6
• First rapid test for detection of L. longbeachae
• Results in 15 minutes.

Sensitivity & Specificity

Urine samples:
The clinical sensitivity and specificity were obtained by testing retrospective culture verified urine samples.

UrineImmuView® SensitivityOther Rapid Tests Sensitivity
L. pneumophila SG1 (n=51) 75% (38/51) 67% (34/51) 
L. pneumophila non-SG1 (n=1) 100% (1/1) 0% (0/1)
L. longbeachae (n=15) 67% (10/15) 0% (0/15)
Combined (n=20) 73% (49/67) 51% (34/67)

Overall specificity of the assay was 100% (213/213), test panels investigated were clinical urines diagnosed with: urinary tract infections, pneumococcal pneumonia and pneumonia symptoms.

Storage and Shelf Life

Store at room temperature. Expiry date is printed on the package.

Product Number
of tests
98749 ImmuView® L. pneumophila and L. longbeachae Antigen Test 22 1 box


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