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Product Description

ImmuView® S. pneumoniae and L. pneumophila Antigen Test makes it possible to readily distinguish between S. pneumoniae and L. pneumophila in patients with presumed pneumococcal pneumonia and Legionella infection (Legionnaire’s disease) and thereby allows clinicians to initiate the correct antibiotic treatment to improve the outcome for the patient.

S. pneumoniae is the leading cause of community-acquired pneumonia and L. pneumophila causes costly hospital and ICU admissions. It is difficult to clinically distinguish between the two bacteria. Due to different treatment of the diseases, guidelines recommend double testing.1,2  


The first of its kind

ImmuView® S. pneumoniae and L. pneumophila Antigen Test is the first of its kind to provide diagnostics for both S. pneumoniae and L. pneumophila in one test.

Improve your diagnostics with ImmuView® S. pneumoniae and L. pneumophila Antigen Test and benefit from several factors:

•  Rapid and simple detection of both pneumococcus and Legionella in one test
•  Initiate the correct antibiotic treatment to improve patient outcome
•  Higher sensitivity and specificity
•  Broader detection of L. pneumophila serogroup 1 and non-serogroup 1
•  Testing for S. pneumoniae and L. pneumophila is recommended in guidelines in several countries.1,2  
•  Results in 15 minutes 

Sensitivity & Specificity

Urine samples:
The clinical sensitivity and specificity were obtained by testing
retrospective urine samples.

UrineImmuView® SensitivityOther Rapid Tests Sensitivity
S. pneumoniae 85% (60/71) 78% (55/71) 
 L. pneumophilaSGI 89% (88/99) 72% (71/99) 
 Combined 73% (161/220) 58% (127/220) 
 L. pneumophilanon-SGI 26% (13/50)  2% (1/50) 

Specificity of L. pneumophila was 100% (0/76) and S. pneumoniae
was 99% (1/76).3  

Cerebral Fluid (CSF) Samples:

Sensitivity was tested with culture positive samples and spiked samples. Specificity was tested with culture positive samples for other bacteria, culture negative and donor samples.


CSFImmuView® SensitivityImmuView® Specificity
S. pneumoniae 100% (27/27) 100% (205/205)

The specificity of L. pneumophila was 100% (0/205). The sensitivity was not examined.

Storage and Shelf Life

Store at room temperature. Expiry date is printed on the package.

Product Number
of tests
95389 ImmuView® S. pnemoniae and L. pneumophila Antigen Test 22 1 box


The following countries have national guidelines recommending to test for Pneumococcus and Legionella. Download or read the guidelines below.


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