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Our 100+ employees handle a wide range of tasks and all contribute to our success and further development. Here, you will be able to meet a few of them and gain an impression of what it is like to work at SSI Diagnostica – the leading Nordic manufacturing and distribution company within the area of in vitro diagnostic products for micro-biomedical laboratories.

Ian c. skovsted

Ian C Skovsted - Scientist and Product Developer

”As an employee of SSI Diagnostica, I was involved in developing the product ImmuView®, which we launched a couple of years ago and which is now sold worldwide. The product may greatly influence the ability of medical practitioners to diagnose pneumonia in their patients, and is therefore also very important for the health and wellbeing of the patients. Apart from researching and developing new products, I am often used as external sparring partner by medical practitioners, researchers, our manufacturing department and our commercial team. This means that my work days are extremely varied, and no one is like another, which I enjoy tremendously.

At SSI Diagnostica, we all know each other and employ an open-door policy – to me, we are family and not just a work place. I also appreciate the pace of the company. Our timeframes for launching new products are relatively short and so we are always working on something new and exciting. In R&D, we focus on developing the products, which will generate SSI Diagnostica’s future income. Our aim is for SSI Diagnostica to be the leading micro-biomedical company in the Nordic region, and in order to achieve that R&D must do well, which I find a great motivator."

Marianne munk

Marianne Munk - Nordic Sales Manager

"I work in the sales and servicing of our clinical microbiology customers in the Nordic countries. My range covers hospitals, laboratories, general practitioners as well as universities. My work is important because we help our customers choose products that can be combined into optimal solutions to their diagnostic problems. Our products contribute, among other things, to the modernisation of existing manual working processes into more automated solutions, which significantly helps facilitate our customers' work procedures and makes it possible for them to achieve both a higher quality and quantity.

Another interesting part of my work is the current transition process, where we are under way with transforming from a public to a private company. We have a number of exciting initiatives going, where we are included and are given the opportunity to devise solutions and ideas that can contribute to shaping the way the company will look in the future. This is something that I appreciate a lot."

mario volpe

Mario Volpe - Logistics

”I work with logistics and receipt of goods, which means that I receive the goods and send them to production, and I also ensure that our products are shipped to the customers and the suppliers in both Denmark and the rest of the world.

Logistics is an important linking element in all SSI Diagnostica activities, as a chain is no stronger than its weakest link, and we play an important part in ensuring that things happen on time. And time is especially important within the area of diagnostics. Most people do not realise the importance of diagnostics in restoring people to health. The sooner and the better the diagnostics, the better the treatment and , thus, the better the patient’s chances of being cured. And this is where SSI Diagnostica makes a significant difference!"

katrine helander

Katrine Helander - Lab Technician

”I am primarily concerned with producing our diagnostic products. I am particularly concerned with the production of anti-sera for pneumococci: I am involved from the outset when we produce a vaccine from scratch and immunize our rabbits with it. We are then able to draw blood from the rabbits which contains the desired antibodies, and which are subsequently processed into a wide range of products. In this process, my job is to remove the unwanted antibodies. I feel that this is meaningful work, providing quality assurance to vaccine companies globally, and I know that we make a difference when we provide quick and accurate diagnostics.

At SSI Diagnostica, we work in freedom with responsibility. We are given the chance to work independently and with a lot of very able colleagues, and that is clearly one of the best aspects of my job.”

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