Bacterial strains

Material Transfer Agreement (MTA)

If you wish to purchase bacterial strains from SSI Diagnostica, you need to fill in and sign a Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) and send it back to us.

Download the MTA here

The MTA must be filled in by the end-user. If you are a distributor, you need to forward it to the end-user. The MTA is valid for one year.

Dangerous goods

Our bacterial strains are shipped as dangerous goods either as UN3373 or UN2814. The only strains we have that are shipped as UN2814 are E. colistrains. Please refer to the list of E.coli strains where strains shipped as UN2814 are marked with an asterisk (*). All other strains are sent according to UN 3373.

Dangerous goods cannot be shipped with other items. If you order antisera and bacterial strains in the same order, we need to ship these as two separate shipments, and therefore we will also charge for two shipments.


The bacterial strain E. coli O157 (cat. No. 82292) falls into the category about dual-use and is subject to export control from the Danish Business Authority. This concerns countries outside the EU except for Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland, and USA.

Therefore we need to apply for export authorization in order to export this bacterial strain to certain countries. The end-user needs to fill in this form and return it to