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Salmonella Big Five Kit


Product description and application

Our Salmonella Big Five kit antisera facilitates Salmonella serotyping according to ISO/TR 6579-31.

Salmonella Big Five kit is used for screening of S. Typhimurium, S.Enteritidis, S. Infantis, S.a Virchow, S. Hadar according to ISO 6579-3. These are the five most common Salmonella types isolated in humans.
The kit has all the antisera to screen for the Big Five Salmonella. It includes O antisera (O:4, O:8, O:61, O:7, O:46), H antisera (H:q,s,t,p,u, H:i, H:r, H:z10, H:m, H:x, H:2, H:5) and H phase inversion (SG 1, SG 2, SG 5, SG 6, H:r).
The 20 different antisera are marketed as 3 mL (150 tests) vials in a single kit.

Please refer to the product packaging inserts for more serotyping details.

Product range

Article No.ProductNo. of TestsPacking
89074 Salmonella Big Five - ISO 6579-3


20x3 mL 

The following diagram has an overview of Salmonella Big Five serotyping steps:


1. ISO/TR 6579-3:2014 Guideline "Microbiology of food and animal feed - Horizontal method for the detection, enumeration and serotyping of Salmonella"



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