ImmuLex™ Streptococcus Antisera



Confirmation of streptococci is important prior to serotyping.

Product description

All SSI Diagnostica latex products are labelled ImmuLex™ (Immunology and Latex). A contraction of Immunology and Latex. Streptococcus antisera for latex are polyclonal antibodies produced by immunising rabbits with killed cells. The serum is then coupled to latex particles.

Our Streptococcus sera for latex testing are manufactured free of cross-reactions with known strains in vials with 1.5 mL ready-to-use antiserum. This is sufficient for a minimum of 75 reactions.


ImmuLex™ Streptococcus products are used for serotyping based on agglutination.

Equal quantities of latex reagent and bacterial culture are mixed on a white card, which is tipped back and forth. The reaction must be read within 30-60 seconds.

Product range

SSI Diagnostica offers latex to identify groups A, B, C, D, F, G, and L, and also the 10 B types. 

Group antisera

(Please note that reagents are needed for the antisera)

Product Number
of tests 
73258  ImmuLexTM group A  75  1.5 mL vial
73259  ImmuLexTM group B  75  1.5 mL vial
73260  ImmuLexTM group C  75  1.5 mL vial
73261  ImmuLexTM group D  75  1.5 mL vial
73262  ImmuLexTM group F  75  1.5 mL vial
73263  ImmuLexTM group G  75  1.5 mL vial
73264 ImmuLexTM group L 75 1.5 mL vial
86255  Extraction reagent 1 45  2 mL vial 
86256  Extraction reagent 2 45  2 mL vial 
86257  Neutralising reagent 3 45  2 mL vial 

Group B antisera

Product Number
of tests
54982  ImmuLexTM type Ia  75  1.5 mL vial
54983  ImmuLexTM type Ib  75  1.5 mL vial
54984  ImmuLexTM type II  75  1.5 mL vial
54985  ImmuLexTM type III  75  1.5 mL vial
54986  ImmuLexTM type IV  75  1.5 mL vial
54987 ImmuLexTM type V 75 1.5 mL vial
54988 ImmuLexTM type VI 75 1.5 mL vial
54989 ImmuLexTM type VII 75 1.5 mL vial
54990 ImmuLexTM type VIII 75 1.5 mL vial
69745 ImmuLexTM type IX 75 1.5 mL vial


Product Number
of tests 
54991  ImmuLexTM Strep-B kit  10 x 75  1 box 
73265  ImmuLexTM Streptococcus Group kit 
(A,B,C,D,F and G) 
6 x 75 1 box 
53285  Reaction cards 200 pcs 600  1 box 
88464  Reaction cards 50 pcs  150  1 box 


B. Afshar, K. Broughton, R. Creti, A. Decheva, M. Hufnagel, P. Kriz, L. Lambertsen, M. Lovgren, P. Melin, G. Orefici, C. Poyart, A. Radtke, J. Rodriguez-Granger, U. B. Skov Sørensen, J. Telform, L. Valinsky, L. Zachariadou, members of the DEVANI study group, and A. Efstratiou. International External Quality Assurance for Laboratory Identification and Typing of Streptococcus agalactiae (Group B Streptococci). Journal of Clinical Microbiology, Apr. 2011, p. 1475-1482.



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