Pneumococcal Antisera

High Titer antisera, customized products

We produce special high titer (3 times the standard titer) products where the Group and Type antisera have been absorbed as our standard antisera, but where the Factor antisera has been further absorbed for cross reaction within the 23-valent vaccine.

These specialized products are used for the Nephelometer method and are produced on request.

Please contact Key Account Manager Charlotte Lange, for more information.

Standard antisera

SSI Diagnostica has pneumococcal antisera for serotyping for all S. pneumoniae strains.

There are four different product groups; Pool antisera, Group antisera, Type antisera and Factor antisera.

The product has been absorbed free of cross reactions against all other serotypes and is a ready for use titer. The standard titer has been determined by the Quellung reaction.

These products are normally stock items.


SSI Diagnostica's expert knowledge in producing antigens has been used in the manufacture of reagents for in vitro diagnostics and research.


F antigens are produced by purifying the sugar from a non-capsule-bearing pneumococcus.

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Pneumococci produce a conserved sugar group antigen (CWPS, C-Ps, teichoic acid). Recent research has shown at least two different variants based on the quantity of phosphorylcholine (CWPS1 and CWPS2). CWPS Multi consists of 50 % CWPS1 and 50 % CWPS2.

Pneumococcal CWPS and CWPS Multi are used as adsorption material in immunological investigations, such as ELISA antibody assays, to evaluate whether any vaccination/revaccination is desirable. When CWPS Multi is used, adsorption with the 22F capsule, as recommended by WHO for ELISA (article1), is not required.

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SSI Diagnostica offers all 91 types of purified pneumococcal capsular polysaccharides. Each specific type has been propagated and purified separately and the specificity verified. The purified polysaccharides are contaminated with approximately 5 % cell wall polysaccharides (CWPS).

The purified antigen is supplied in a vial containing 21 mg lyophilized capsular polysaccharides.

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